I love to build great applications
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Full-Stack Developer

Currently looking for a new challenge in San Francisco

I'm looking to find a place with people that share the same values and are passionate about delivering great experiences. I'm ready to move wherever I can find those amazing people to work with, and a great cause, that can stir my passion and an enviroment that will push me to give my best, learn and become better.


I'm driven by passion, I love waking up every morning and do something that I care for, it brings me in a zone where I can create amazing stuff and it gives me an infinite source of energy. I believe that you should do the things you love, and do it often, this is the only way to do great work and add value.


Working with amazing people brings out the best in me. It makes me learn faster and push myself all the time.I feel that a great team it is the most important factor to the success of any product.


I believe that simplicity is an art, that you can only master when you understand the product. By making sure that you keep things simple, you can get the details that matter right.


I'm familiar with the following:

Server Side


JavaScript, Go, PHP, Python, Ruby


Node.js, Express, Koa, Hapi, Meteor, Kohana, Symfony, Tornado, Bottle, Sinatra


OOP, (H)MVC, DRY, Agile, REST, ORM, Design Patterns


MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

Client Side


JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HTML5, CSS, XSLT, LESS, Stylus, SASS


Ember, Angular, Backbone, Polymer, React, Ampersand


Web Semantics, Web Standards, Cross-browser Compatibility, SEO, DOM Manipulation, AJAX, Mobile Web Development, UX, UI Design (Grids, Colors, Typography), Usability, Accessibility, Wireframing, A/B Testing


Photoshop, Pixelmator, Sketch


Here is a short overview of what I've been doing in the last 10 years

  • 02/2013


    Senior Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

    Web Application Development using Node.js, Express, Ember, Backbone.js and Redis.

    Path Manager

    Company wide management and reporting tool on top of Backbone, Chaplin using CoffeeScript.

    Zeeto Manager

    Company wide management tool, an eveolution of the Path Manager, on top of Node.js & Express, using Redis for caching. I foucused on building a very flexible tool for generating charts and reports directly from the collected data.


    Email sending platform, on top of Ember, using custom content editing components.

  • 11/2012


    Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

    Web Application Development and API Design using Node.js, Express, PhantomJS, Meteor, MongoDB and AngularJS.

  • 06/2010


    Lead Web Software Engineer

    UX Design, Web & Mobile Web Applications Development using PHP (Symfony), JavaScript (MooTools, jQuery), HTML5 and CSS3.

    Poken Hub

    Poken's customer focused product, used for managing the contacts and other type of data, usually gathered at the events. The project was bult on top of Symfony, but leveraged JavaScript for most functionality.

    Poken Hub Mobile

    Mobile version, designed with a new experience in mind, rendered mainly on the server, and using the mobile client just for interactions.

  • 03/2005


    Founder & CEO

    Founded a top design and development company that offered premium services to the most important companies form the regional market and built over 30 projects, including complex tools on top of PHP and JavaScript.


Just some open source projects

JavaScript / Node


Screenshot taking API, built on top of Node.js, MongoDB and PhantomJS

* If you are interested in more JavaScript / CoffeeScript projects, let me know there are several non open source ones I can show



Simple framework to build modular web applications on top of Go, inspired by KoaJS


Chain middleware helper



Poken API client library, built to work with KohanaPHP


PSR-0 SPL autoloader, built with PHP 5.3